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Artist Inc. (Artist International Connection, Inc.) is an artist community and production company on a quest to create and expand collaborations that enhance and promote artistic expression and opportunity. Our mission is to act as a resource for both emerging and seasoned artists for expanding production needs, public relations and contacts. By way of our services and programming, artists tap into resources and opportunities to expand their careers, gain experience, widen their audience base and connect with other artists. Through our presenting events the community benefits through a greater access to the arts, as we offer our productions at affordable prices and in non-traditional, easily-accessible spaces. Artist Inc. is a 501-C3, not for profit organization, founded in 2007.

The Reese Johanson Collective is artist inc’s multidisciplinary performing arts ensemble with a mission to challenge artists to work outside of their comfort zone, encourage them to engage with artists whom they might not normally, and collaboratively create works of performance that are innovative, poignant, risky, and human.  We invite artists outside of our company to work and perform with us and accordingly, we seek opportunities outside of our regular stomping grounds. 

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"The Collective" has worked with a kajillian performing artists!.
Past collective artists are comprised of the following:
(Please note that this list is very incomplete, we are working on a complete list of artists with whom we have worked.)

Christie (Cupcake) Beshears
James Anthony Chapman
Mary Carol (MC) Chenet
Andrea Dupree
Bremner Duthie
Stephanie Elder
Joseph Furnari 
Steven Furr 
Annie Gaia
Layla "SuZe" Goddard
Sara Green
Andrea Nichelle Gros
Ross Hamlin
Chris (NaughtyPie) Herbeck
Jennifer Hicks
Daneeta Jackson
Reese (Pieces) Johanson
Nanette Ledet
David Llorca
Tatianna Macchione
Mariah McGowan 
Jamie Cookie Neumann 
Peyton Owen 
Blake Palmintier
Jay (MC Trachiotomy, Schitzomoffet) Poggi
Dana Reed
Sundog (Alex Stein)
Vickie Thomas
Michael P. Welch
Tiffany Volmner 
Ben Zervigon


Reese Johanson 
(Credit: Ride Hamilton)

Jamie Neumann & Sundog 
(Credit: Mandy Thomas)

Tatianna Macchione 
(Credit: George Long)

Ross Hamlin
(Credit: George Long)

Daneeta Jackson
(Credit: George Long)

Dana Reed, Jamie Neumann, & Mary Carol (MC) Chenet
(Credit: George Long)

Artist Inc. is Supported by:


Michalopoulos, Goldring Family Foundation,
Cultural Economy Foundation, Hash House Harriers,
Hotel Furniture Liquidators, Old New Orleans Rum , Sazarac Distillery,
Covington Brewhouse, & PJ's Coffee

Have fun and do good!
xxx~ reese


Reese Johanson | Executive Director

artist inc. was founded by Reese Johanson. Having produced and performed for over 20 years, she continually came up against one same obstacle. How can an artist be more easily exposed to new audiences and in new places?

Reese created artist inc. to act as a resource for both emerging and seasoned artists for the expansion of production needs, public relations and contacts.


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