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Journey of Dreamers

Mélange Dance Company produced Journey of Dreamers at the Art Club in December 2017. This original and exciting contemporary dance production highlights the great migration to America, telling the complex and moving stories of the 12 million immigrants who journeyed through the golden doors of Ellis Island in pursuit of the American Dream. The show draws connections between our past and present, confronting current events to shape our future. Journey of Dreamers was conceptualized and choreographed by Monica Ordonez, the Mélange Dance Company's Artistic Director. She was the recipient of Big Easy Award for her choreography. Journey of Dreamers was covered by Diane Mack on Inside the Arts on NPR, the Advocate and the Gambit, and won Gambit Weekly's Tribute to the Classical Arts Award for Outstanding Choreography Evening Length 2018.

P.S. 4: Scavengers

SCAVENGERS was a multi-disciplinary, collective art exhibition in and around the Art Klub complex  from November 16, 2017 - February 25, 2018.

The SCAVENGERS artists are united by a common interest in the value and life cycle of ordinary object. Scavengers give new life to what is discarded. They hunt for materials and gather ideas from their surroundings. They reconnect us to our culture and landscape by re-imagining the materials they reclaim for their art.

Artists participated in special programing to engage the local community and neighborhood, including evening performances, fashion shows, scavenger hunts, demonstrations and workshops for all ages.



Highlights from the first annual BYOBed, an all-night experience of performance and art including music, theater, dance, film, burlesque and installation that ended with a sumptuous surprise at dawn. And yes, you could bring your own bed!


New Orleans Fringe Festival

UNROUTE was a walking performance that included theater, dance, live music and technology. It was audience participatory and immersive. Audience members were given wireless headsets through which information, questions and direction were transmitted to the audience. They journeyed through the Marigny, exploring existential theories of life and existence, challenging concepts of fate and destiny verses volition and free will. 

A collage of short original works was produced by Artist Inc. and the Reese Johanson Collective with support from Old New Orleans Rum. Marking its 5th year as a participant in the New Orleans Fringe Festival, UNROUTE went En Route on a one mile ambulatory experience. Voyages were with Clyde Meridian, time traveler, engineer and inventor from an alternate reality. The audience ventured out, through time and space, touching down for site specific performances at Doerr Furniture on Port Street and Dupuy Coffee on Franklin Avenue (and others), with the expedition concluding at the Art Klub.

Performers included Annie Gaia, Ross Hamlin, Chris NaughtyPie Herbeck, Jen Hix, Reese Johanson, Christine Todd, Tatianna Macchione, Sal Mannino, Mike Mito, Jessica Placzek, Matthew Raetz and Peter Stanley. 



The market at the large courtyard adjacent to Michalopoulos Studio on Elysian Fields aims to bring together bargain shopping, local handiwork and "upcycled" clothes and decor made from recycled-content--  all mixed with the usual New Orleans assortment of live music,  good eats and funky ambiance.

Much of the inspiration for Elysian Fleas came from "old world European village flea markets, " said Reese Johanson, Executive Director of Artist Inc. Those small-town markets usually combine junk shopping and craft makers with corner buskers and food vendors, Johanson said.

"Wandering troubadour" live music will come from local group the Picklers,  and Miss Claudia and her Biergartners will stroll through the crowds singing "oom-pah-pah" songs to celebrate Oktoberfest.



Join The Big Easy Rollergirls for The Voodoo Ballerina King Cake Soiree – The Annual Mardi Gras Ball & Foundation for the Arts.

The ball will feature entertainment by The New Orleans BINGO Show!I Tell You WhatGov’t Majik, and Ratty Scurvics Singularity

You can also enjoy tasty drinks from Old New Orleans Rum and Abita Beer - FREE with your ticket purchase!

Don’t forget, this is a costume party. You MUST be in costume or you WILL NOT be allowed into the party. The rule of thumb is, if you can wear it as normal street clothes it is not a costume.